The Dead and the Damned

All Along the Watchtower

Recently, several notable members of the supernatural community have banded together to form a local chapter of the Paranet, a support network for the magical lightweights and minor players. The most recent meeting was attended by Arthur Hawthorne, his two adult children, Marcus and Veronica Hawthorne, Veronica’s fiancée Duncan Rockwell, as well as Charlie Kane, Kristopher Magnuson, Mark Peter Brewer, and Padre Richard Paladine. The meeting at Veronica’s and Duncan’s woodland home had concluded and the group had started dinner, during which time Veronica and Arthur went to the basement to retrieve another bottle of wine.

A crash and scream of fear erupted from the basement, prompting everyone to investigate. They were greeted by four torso creatures called waddlers. The group quickly dispatched the creatures and discover that Veronica is missing, and Arthur is mortally wounded. Investigation reveals a recently closed portal to the Nevernever that leads to the inside of a volcano. The PCs split up to do their own research and prepare for possible combat.

More to come…