The Dead and the Damned

and so we begin...ugh

Six months have passed and much has happened in the lives of our group.
at the opening scene we saw Kristopher Magnuson sitting at the been don before bar. As he sipped his favorite drink, a beautiful, tall , red haired beauty came in. She introduced herself as a representative of monoc industries. Quickly getting down to business, she informed Kristopher of local murders that took place in the last 72 hrs.
Circus performers, all linked to a circus that went bankrupt a few years prior. As kristopher looked more deeply into the case he found that each murder was more grizzly. One person was stabbed and allowed to bleed out, two more were skinned alive, another was just found with no explanation of his teeth, and fourteen others were torn limb from limb and looked to have been chewed upon. The only local survivor of the circus left was someone Kristopher already Knew…Stitches.
Stitches was under his bridge helping those less fortunate when one of the bums came running up to him. He warned of an old woman, whom was scary beyond all reason, and she was coming for him. Stiches cleared the area and waited for her. Cloaked in shadow and surrounded by zombies , the woman ordered her minions to attack Stitches.
They fought briefly, and tho stitches stood tall, he would have been overwhelmed, if not for the timely intervention of Pastor Richard and the churches van. Bowling the zombies over, stitches and Richard Piled into the van and went to the next safest point they knew- The bookstore.
Kristopher hoping to look stitches location up arrived at the book store at almost the same time the pastor and stitches arrived. Charlie and Mark pulled them all into the back to discuss what was going on. Kris asked stitches about Circus and advised of the passing of its members. As Stitches was reeling from these revaltions, one of Charlies workers knocked on the door. The Scary bitch was in the building and demanding they hand stitches over….end part 1