The Dead and the Damned

I Shot the Sheriff (Part 2)


Trying to follow up on the Tattooed man, Charlie used his network of contacts to ask around about him and discovered the names of two people who could fit the description of who was veiling the gang members and who might have sufficient ability to make good veils: “L. Ruane” and “Scydo”.

Kris got a call from his FBI contact to come to the FBI crime lab in Meriden because the body of Omar Firahs was “melting”. Kris, Mark, Richard, and Charlie all drove up. They looked at the body and Mark and Charlie determined it was an ectoplasmic construct that was breaking apart.

There was a ruckus outside the morgue and the FBI contact was knocked out by an unseen assailant. Charlie opened his sight and noted three things: 1, There was a fog in the area representing the torment suffered by all the bodies that had gone through the morgue; 2, The FBI agent was assaulted by a muscular, humanoid being that had its head in its chest, superimposed over a mortal man – both looked panicked; 3, The Eladrion (Richard) resembled an evil looking angel made of stone, with a holy aura surrounding it. As the mortal became visible and began to speak, the head’s lips moved in sync to different words or a different language.

The FBI building was under attack by some tentacled thing, called a “Loctor” – several Nevernever entities merged together like a chimera. The thing was being controlled by the Tattoo man, who seemed to only speak Aramic. Working together the group defeated the tentacled thing – upon its defeat another identical tattoo man emerged from inside. The two were knocked unconscious and were bound and gagged.

The mysterious man who showed up in the FBI building was named “Victor” and he represented the “Order of Ethlar”. Omar was a friend of their order. The Order of Ethlar are scholars; they typically don’t do anything aggressive and try to stay under the radar. They have magical ability – their magic comes from a race of spirits that watch out for humanity. That was what Charlie saw superimposed on Victor.

Omar came to the Order of Ethlar for help because he had received threats on his life. The Order created a construct of Omar so he could make public appearances without fear. It was this construct that was “murdered”, and Omar stayed hidden so his enemies would believe him dead. However, somehow someone was tipped off about Omar’s body being fake; the construct should’ve lasted another day or two but the spell was disrupted, causing it to “melt”.

Victor directed the group to a farm in Newtown, where Omar was alive and in hiding. On the way the group dropped off the Tattooed Egyptian Twins with an ally of theirs, Aramis, at Holy Land in Waterbury. Aramis agreed to look after the twins until the group returned. As they arrived in Newtown they saw smoke rising from the direction of the farm.

Upon arrival, the barn was on fire and the farm itself appeared to be under attack by a European Red Dragon (as depicted in fantasy artwork). Mark opened his sight and saw a man in the center of the constrct. Richard and Kris drew a circle around the construct and Charlie closed it, causing the construct’s power to vanish. The man left behind was another identical Tattoo man.

Omar was amongst the survivors. Talking with the group, he told how he had received information from a conspiracy nut friend of his. This friend presented Omar with evidence of “New World Order” plots but buried within was real proof that this organization existed, and that the Skull and Bones society were not only a part of it but it’s leadership was involved in infernal magical rituals. Omar suspects it was these Skull and Bones people who hired the Tattoo guys.

Only the senator (Elliot Montgomery) and Omar’s wife knew about the body double deception, which narrowed down how Omar’s enemies could have found out. The group decided Omar should continue the deception anew – they decide that Omar needs to be “dead” as one of the many burned dead in the area. Omar and the remaining Order leave the farm, giving the group a phone number for a voice mail box they can call if they need to.

Mark and Charlie call Mark’s council/warden “”/campaigns/the-dead-and-the-damned/characters/luthor-sundan" class=“wiki-content-link”>friend", and they arrive to survey the scene and agree with the conclusions Charlie and Mark give them for Omar’s death. They turn over the Tattoo man to the Council. The group goes back to visit Aramis and interrogate the two guys he’s holding on to, and Aramis tells them that less than an hour after they left, the council showed up to collect the two men.

Kris and Richard visit the senator Elliot Montgomery to tell him what happened to Omar (the story, not the truth), thinking his acts had been malicious. The next day they find out that shortly after their visit, the senator killed himself.