The Dead and the Damned

Lost and Found

A young girl, Paige Ripley, was kidnapped from her home in Monroe, CT. A cop by the name of Jim Claxton and Kristopher Magnuson both show up to investigate for their own reasons. They interviewed the mother, Ellen Ripley, and learned very little. She did appear to be holding back information regarding the girl’s father. The two investigated the house and found a strange, cold pendant belonging to the mother. They also identified large, inhuman tracks.

Meanwhile, “Stitches” had been busier than ever down in Bridgeport, CT, as it seemed that supernatural traffic through the city had increased exponentially. In his attempts to protect the homeless from those who would prey upon them, he learned that the Goblin Market would be re-opening soon. That information seemed to account for the increase in supernatural traffic.

Jim Claxton had some magical talent, and he used it to magically track whatever the creatures were that seemed to have abducted the girl, Paige. The spell led them to the Poli Theater in Bridgeport, around the same time that Stiches’ investigations led him there as well.

Upon entering the old Theater they met the ghost Elizabeth, and discovered that the theater is a portal to a place in the Nevernever called The Labrynth. Elizabeth could guide them through the Labrynth, to the Goblin Market at the other end. The group followed her and made their way to the Market.

The newly re-opened Market contained every variety of goods and patrons imaginable, as far as could be seen in any direction. The main attraction at this market, though, was an auction center not too far away from the Labrynth. The group made their way to the auction in time to see a group of red-skinned Ogres bring out the sleeping Paige. The group seemed to catch the eye of a pair of ladies near the front. They appeared momentarily surprised, then worried.

The auctioneer introduced the girl as the changeling daughter of none other than the Winter General, Jack Frost. Before bidding could begin, Kris drew out the ice pendant he pocketed earlier and held it up, summoning the Winter General to the location. Jack Frost froze the auctioneer in his tracks (literally) and his anger caused the rest of the patrons (including the ladies, apparently) to disperse.

Jack charged Kris, Jim and Stiches with returning his daughter to her mother safely. Jack offered Jim a boon for his role in saving his daughter. Stiches and Kris, on the other hand, had spent some time recently with a Summer Sidhe. Jack told them they “Smelled like Summer” and as their reward offered only to spare their lives. As the trio was leaving the market with Paige they caught a glimpse of the mysterious ladies again. They were off in the distance, standing in the middle of a group of red-skinned Ogres, staring directly at the group, and visibly unhappy.

Stitches stayed in Bridgeport, while Kris and Jim delivered Paige back to her mother. They received a monetary reward for their effort. Upon learning what happened Ellen spoke openly to them about everything. She told the two of them that she and Paige would have to disappear. They were no longer safe now that Summer had found her daughter. The next day, the mansion was listed for sale and vacant. Ellen and Paige were gone with no forwarding information.

Shortly thereafter, Connecticut was hit with an unseasonably early, devastating winter storm – one of the worst ever recorded.


I guess this would explain last winter. :o)

Lost and Found