The Dead and the Damned

I Shot the Sheriff (Part 1)


The Connecticut State Attorney General, Omar Firahs, was shot during a press conference. The unknown shooter eluded the authorities and remains at large.


Kris Magnusun received a call from an old FBI coworker. He was asked to look into the murder from two days ago since there were some weird elements of the murder (all electrical devices failed shortly before the murder) which seemed to suggest supernatural involvement. Kris grudgingly accepted and negotiated for some credentials.

A member of the Latin Kings named Bobby ran into The Magic of Books, obviously scared. He bided his time fiddling with some books until a car with loud bass passed by. He then ran out of the store and only moments later was gunned down in a hail of bullets that also killed and injured several others nearby. More would’ve been injured if not forMark Brewer’s quick thinking with a magical water shield, stopping the bullets entering the bookstore just after shattering the windows.

Another member of the Latin Kings, Manny, visited Padre Richard Paladine and in confidence confessed that he was responsible for the recent murder of Omar Firahs, State Attorney General. Richard convinced him to show up at another location in a few hours in order to be cleansed of his sin.

Nathan Wells was in New Haven on behalf of animal rescue when he stumbled upon the carnage at the bookstore and offered his services. He shape shifted into a dog form and sniffed around, trying to track where Bobby had come from and what he had touched. Charlie Kane investigated the books Nathan pointed out and in one found a scrap piece of paper with a 10 digit number and the initials E.G. written on it.

Kris was still researching background on Omar, his former associates and his recent dealings when Charlie called him, looking for help with the number and initials. Kris agreed to help and in short order discovered it was a number attached to Yale University. Kris called the number and the person who answered with “Hello?” hung up just after Kris said “Hello” in response.

When Charlie received the information that the number was attached to Yale, he contacted Quincy Howard, a regular at the store who was a professor over at Yale. After some thought Quincy gave Charlie about 6 or 7 names of people he knew whose initials could be E. G..

When Manny showed up at the location he was instructed to go to he was met by Padre Richard Paladine, who was now dressed up in his vigilante Warrior for God persona he called “The Eladrion”. They began a conversation but it was cut short by a booming bass coming closer, which scared Manny. He turned to flee and was persued by The Eladrion, who let him go but trailed him. Rich made a call during this chase…

Rich brought Manny to The Magic of Books in order to keep him safe temporarily and to get more information out of him. Once there he was brought into a back room and he told everyone his story. Someone named “Grey” offered the Latin Kings an opportunity to exact revenge against Omar. Both him and Bobby were chosen to do the deed by Jorje the Hammer. This guy named Grey hooked them up with a black man who had a tattoo on his face, and together the three of them covertly showed up at the press conference. The tattooed man said some words in a foreign language and instructed Manny and Bobby they were free to go to the back corner of the room and complete their task. Bobby shot and killed Omar, and when the chaos died down, they left.

Both Charlie and Mark worked together to ward the room, just in case magic was being used to track this kid. As everyone discussed what to do next there was some noise coming from the front of the store. Charlie and _____ walked out front to find two hitters from the Latin Kings waiting. They asked for the paper which Bobby had hidden there earlier. Charlie lied to them and told them he didn’t know what they were talking about. They didn’t believe him, and started destroying books until they were convinced to leave by _____. They set fire to the store as they left, but the fire was quickly extinguished.

Putting together the information they all had uncovered so far, they concluded that Edward Grey, the Yale head librarian was the one who hired the Latin Kings. Debating options, they decided to go pay a visit to Jorge the Hammer in the morning and see what else they could learn.


The five of them drove to see Jorge in the late morning. Rich, Kris and Nathan went up to his house (Nathan in the form of a common housecat) while Charlie and Mark waited in the van. Nathan explored the house while Kris and Rich, both dressed as priests, interviewed Jorge. Jorge was immediately suspicious of Padre Richard, but accepted Kris as the genuine article.

Their conversation was just about to end when Jorge spotted Nathan (now in Human form) sneaking out. Quick thinking by Rich and Kris narrowly averted a firefight, and they all met back up in the Volkswagon Van and drove away.

End of Part 1

All Along the Watchtower

Recently, several notable members of the supernatural community have banded together to form a local chapter of the Paranet, a support network for the magical lightweights and minor players. The most recent meeting was attended by Arthur Hawthorne, his two adult children, Marcus and Veronica Hawthorne, Veronica’s fiancée Duncan Rockwell, as well as Charlie Kane, Kristopher Magnuson, Mark Peter Brewer, and Padre Richard Paladine. The meeting at Veronica’s and Duncan’s woodland home had concluded and the group had started dinner, during which time Veronica and Arthur went to the basement to retrieve another bottle of wine.

A crash and scream of fear erupted from the basement, prompting everyone to investigate. They were greeted by four torso creatures called waddlers. The group quickly dispatched the creatures and discover that Veronica is missing, and Arthur is mortally wounded. Investigation reveals a recently closed portal to the Nevernever that leads to the inside of a volcano. The PCs split up to do their own research and prepare for possible combat.

More to come…