Dr. Wendell Moore

Medical Doctor


Tim Robbins

OTHER ASPECTS: _Doing the best I can for my daughter; Hippocratic Oath; _

Alertness: Good (+ 3)
Athletics: Fair (+ 2)
Deceit: Fair (+ 2)
Empathy: Good (+ 3)
Presence: Fair (+ 2)
Rapport: Good (+ 3)
Resources: Great (+ 4)
Scholarship: Great (+ 4)

Most other skills default to Average (+ 1) or Mediocre (+ 0)

Honest Lies (Deceit): Whenever incorporating a real, valuable piece of the truth (however marginally valuable it may be) into a lie, Wendell gains a + 2 on his efforts to pass off the untrue parts.

Medical Doctor (Scholarship): Wendell has a medical degree. He may use his Scholarship skill to declare appropriate justification for the recovery of moderate physical consequences when outside a medical facility, and for the recovery of severe physical consequences within a medical facility. For research purposes, gain + 1 on Scholarship for any medical research and an additional + 1 in a specific area of medicine.

Mental OOO Physical OOO Social OOO


Virginia Moore is his daughter. He is a Doctor at Yale New Haven hospital.

Dr. Wendell Moore

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