Eric Swanson

(Hopeful) Up and Coming Actor


Cary Elwes

OTHER ASPECTS: Over the top actor; The show must go on; How did I miss that!?; Thank you, I’ve been practicing

Athletics: Good ( +3)
Endurance: Good ( +3)
Intimidation: Fair ( +2)
Might: Fair ( +2)
Performance: Fair ( +2)
Rapport: Good ( +3)
Resources: Fair ( +2)
Weapons: Good ( +3)

Most other skills default to Mediocre ( +0) or Average ( +1)

Impersonator (Performance): Given a few hours to study someone’s behavior and modes of speech, Eric may imitate their mannerisms and voice, using Performance instead of Deceit to convince someone he is that person.

Best Foot Forward (Rapport): People just like Eric, especially when he’s deliberately trying to make a good first impression. He gains a + 1 on his roll to make a good first impression, and failing that roll cannot give him a negative temporary aspect or make the situation worse.

Lush Lifestyle (Resources): Normally, someone may be assumed to have an item that costs two steps less than his Resources without having to seek it out and buy it. In Eric’s case, it’s any item equal to or less than his Resources.

Off-Hand Weapon Training (Weapons): Eric knows how to fight more effectively with two weapons in hand. He may add half of the second weapon’s bonus to the damage bonus of the first weapon (round up).

Mental OOO Physical OOOO Social OOO


Eric has been involved in some minor plays in New Haven but he aspires to be a movie star. He’s a member of the SAG and has managed to do work on a few films as an Extra, which was coordinated through an agency in NYC. He’s had more than a couple “near miss” experiences with the occult but he never seems to be directly involved in any incident. The supernatural world itself always seems to hover just out of the corner of his eye. He’s visited The Magic of Books a couple times in order to try and make sense of the things that he has experienced.

Eric Swanson

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