Kristopher Magnuson

Retired Supernatural G-Man


HIGH CONCEPT Retired Supernatural G-Man
TROUBLE Can’t Stay Retired
OTHER ASPECTS Getting Too Old For This, Sucker for a Pretty Face, Im Not Human, I Don’t Like Magic


—Deceit ( +5)
—Resources ( +4)
—Investigation ( +3)
—Guns ( +3)
—Presence ( +3)
—Alertness ( +2)
—Weapon ( +2)
—Endurance ( +2)
—Stealth ( +2)
—Athletics ( +2)
—Empathy ( +1)
—Fists ( +1)
—Contacts ( +1)
—Burglary ( +1)
—Weapons ( +1)
—Rapport ( +1)

(Listening) +4 to investigation when listening, however Alertness drops to Terrible.
(Lush Lifestyle) can have any item equal to or less than Resources.

(+2 to Resources)
(simply irresistable)

—Inhuman Speed ( -2)
—Inhuman Recovery ( -2) (Catch: bypassed by True Magic +1)
—Glamours ( -2)

Refresh -2

-Physical 3
-Mental 2
-Social 4


Basics: When the FBI was formed in 1908, history talks about 12 Secret Service agents tasked to help the new organization, but no one talks about the 13th agent. The one who handled the spooky shit, the stuff no one wanted to talk about. From 1908 until the Berlin Wall fall in 1990, Kristopher served until the Bureau could no longer tolerate the existence of an immortal agent. For the next 13 years, he lived the ‘retired’ life until he couldn’t take being retired any longer and started taking on ‘odd jobs’, working for whoever would pay his fees and could keep his interest.

Kristopher Magnuson

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