Castle Craig

Castle craig


Location: Meriden, Connecticut

Description: Tower on the hill overlooking the valley

The Idea: Ley Line Nexus Watchtower of the Nevernever

The Aspect: The center of the spider’s web

The Face: Veronica Hawthorne – Lookout in the Tower

Additional Notes:

Castle Craig, located on East Peak in the Hanging Hills, is constructed of traprock and is 32 feet (10 m) in height and has a base 58 feet (18 m) in circumference . A metal interior stairway is used to ascend the observation deck on top. It stands 976 feet (297 m) above sea level and provides an expansive view of the greater Meriden, Connecticut area.

A plaque at the bottom of the tower reads:

Castle Craig
Dedicated October 29. 1900
Castle Craig Tower stands 32 feet (9.8 m) high on 976-foot (297 m) east peak in Meriden’s Olmsted designed Hubbard Park. It has the distinction of being the highest point within 25 miles (40 km) of the coast from Maine to Florida. Its design origins are clouded. Some say its native trap rock construction resembles Norman watchtowers on Europe’s Rhine River while others claim it was modeled and named after an ancient castle in Scotland.
Meriden industrialist Walter Hubbard donated the tower and the surrounding park, which a grateful Meriden named after him. The tower is one of the highlights of the 1,800-acre (7.3 km2) park from its observation deck. Looking south one can observe Long Island Sound and on a clear day, the outline of Long Island itself. To the north, Southern Massachusetts Berkshire Hills come into view. Hubbard Park is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Castle craig 2

Castle Craig

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