Greater Dudley Town Area

Dark entry rd


Location: Cornwall, Connecticut

Description: Miles of forest surrounding an abandoned town

The Idea: Mystical Chernobyl

The Aspect: “Nothing about this place is right!”

The Face: Daniel Benjamin – Disgraced State Police Officer

Additional Notes:


Crops began failing, unexplained deaths continued, and farm animals came up missing. Families began leaving, and by 1880 Dudleytown was all but a ghost town. Only one resident remained of note in the later years of the 1800’s—John Brophy.

Brophy moved there in 1892, because he liked the solitude. He figured it was only a short walk down Dark Entry road to a nearby town, and he could raise his sheep with his two sons and his wife. The only thing he really didn’t like was the constant hooting of the owls—those cursed owls! It did not take long before things started going amiss. First, both his sons disappeared! Then his sheep began to disappear—where to? Who knows! His wife died of unknown causes—-but he was Irish! He would stick it out!


In 1901 the nearby town villagers began to notice Brophy coming into town with torn clothes. He had a wild look in his eyes, and would talk to anyone. He did mutter, though. Those that heard the muttering said it was something about “demons” and things with hoofed feet. It must have been lonely for him up there—with only the owls to keep him company on those walks down Dark Entry Road—very lonely. Then, one very dark night, his house burned to the ground. The people from the town tried to help—but they couldn’t find Brophy that night, not his body or anything. And they never did find him—he had completely disappeared.


Greater Dudley Town Area

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