The Magic of Books



Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Description: Family owned occult book store

The Idea: Hub for wannabes, minor talents, and serious wizards alike

The Aspect: Magnet for everybody’s “spooky” problems

The Face: Dwayne Stone – Employee/Everybody’s Friend

Additional Notes:
Currently under the ownership of Charlie Kane
Other employees: Phillip Hicks
Other “regulars” include: Aggatha, Virginia Moore, Lance Griffin, Eric Swanson, Quincy Howard, Calliope

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Charlie lives in the apartment above the bookstore – his “childhood home”. The bookstore is protected by a ward created with symbolic links to the surrounding area. If someone with real power or something inhuman approaches the bookstore a series of prisms in the store and Charlie’s apartment will start glowing and cycling through the visible light spectrum. The pattern to their operation tells knowledgeable viewers how powerful the approacher is, and how close they are (starts within a few blocks away). This ward has the condition of allowing anyone who possesses one of 5 identical store keys to pass and will turn on and off when one of two identical open/close signs are flipped.

The ward breaks down as follows:
-Ward strength: 10 shifts
-Landmine (Vacuum suffocation, treat as Orbius spell (YS 294) with 4 shifts for effect, 4 shifts for duration): 8 shifts
-2 conditions: keys and signs
-Wardflame: crystal prisms
-Default duration increased from one day to one week

The Magic of Books

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