Professor Quincy Howard

Occult Hobbyist


David Schwimmer

OTHER ASPECTS: Looking for proof (but not looking too hard); It’s a hobby to pass the time; “Don’t try to out-talk ME!”

Investigation: Fair ( +2)
Lore: Good ( +2)
Performance: Fair ( +3)
Presence: Fair ( +2)
Rapport: Fair ( +3)
Scholarship: Good ( +3)
Most other skills default to Mediocre ( +0) or Average ( +1)

Tireless (Endurance): Quincy’s Endurance is considered Fantastic whenever Endurance might restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill. This has no effect when Endurance is rolled directly, however.

Pointed Performance (Performance): When performing for an audience, normally one could only create aspects on the scene that are broad, focused on general moods (Creepy as Hell, Let’s Party!, Uninhibited). With this stunt, Quincy may make performances that target something more specific, perhaps directing that mood at a particular person or group. For instance, a satirist with this stunt could attempt to use his performance either to elicit a response from one person in the audience (The Jig Is Up) or to cause the audience to direct their mood toward that person (Check Out the Emperor’s New Clothes).

Let Me Tell You a Story (Rapport): Quincy has the gift of gab, able to draw the attention of others with colorful words and stories. This tends to leave his audience distracted. He may use Rapport instead of Deceit in order to mount a distraction, as long as he is able to talk to his targets.

Mental OOO Physical OO Social OOO


Quincy is a talkative, long-winded professor at Yale. He’s always had a passing fancy for occult trivia, but recent events at Yale have convinced him that there may be more truth to his occult trivia than he previously believed. He occasionally visits The Magic of Books to pick up some new periodicals or the odd book, as a way of indulging his growing notion that there may actually be things in this world that science hasn’t yet explained or identified.

Professor Quincy Howard

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